Sunday, March 18, 2018


Khursheed Alam known as Gohar Qalam was born in the Khushab district, Pakistan, 1956. His early education took place in the city of Sargodha under Ustad Ismail Dehlevi. Thereafter he studied under the late Hafiz Yousuf Sadidi who was one of the great masters of calligraphy of the Indian subcontinent. The title of Gohar Qalam was bestowed on him by the late Nafees Qalam, another master of calligraphy and by Professor Ghulam Nizamuddin of the University of Punjab. His major works include a copy of the Holy Quran placed in the main State Mosque known as the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad and includes 406 styles of calligraphy. The entire manuscript weighing 1600 kilograms is divided into 30 parts and placed in separate show cases. His calligraphy adorns some of the most important public buildings in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan such as the extension of the Mosque and tomb complex of the premier Saint of South Asia who is buried in Lahore and known as the Data Ganj Baksh shrine. The Lahore international airport also features his work in its main departure lounge and rendered in ceramics.Read More

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